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Caciocavallo is a spun curd cheese with a typical bag shape, produced with milk from Podolian cows, rennet, lactic ferments and salt and aged for at least three months.

Caciocavallo: shape, flavor

Caciocavallo, in its various varieties, is a cheese with a homogeneous consistency, with a straw yellow color and a smooth and thin rind. The more seasoned it is, the spicier its flavor becomes. When it is cooler, in fact, caciocavallo has a sweet and intense taste.

Caciocavallo, processing

The processing of caciocavallo is regulated by specific regulations. Half of the milk is heated to a temperature of 50 or 60 degrees to be added to the other half, filtered in the meantime. Veal or kid or lamb rennet is then added to the milk: in this case, more spicy varieties are obtained. The curd is obtained in about thirty minutes, it must be cut, left to rest, then the whey is extracted and heated to 60 degrees and added to the pasta. Once mature, the curd is extracted and left to dry for an hour, cut into thinner and thinner slices and processed in hot water at 85 degrees. It is in this phase that the cheese takes on the typical egg shape, with a strangled appendix. The forms of caciocavallo, tied in pairs, are then left to dry for 15 days, before the maturation phase which lasts from three months to a year, although in some cases it can last up to two years.