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Cacioricotta is a cheese of typical Apulian production, it is obtained with mixed processing techniques between those of cheese and ricotta.

Obtained from fresh cow's milk.

The curd, obtained by heating the milk, once firm, produces cheesy granules the size of a grain of corn. Left to rest for about 10 minutes, it is extracted and placed in the "fruscelle" (cylindrical molds) of rush (or other material), then, subsequently, subjected to dry salting of the faces and sides with cooking salt.

It is used both as a table product and as a grater.

Fresh cacioricotta can be included in the classic Italian appetizer together with other dairy products. When aged, he gives the best of himself in one of the classic recipes of the Apulian cuisine, that is, Pasta Fagiolini with Fresh Tomato and Cacioricotta.


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