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Frize is a typical Apulian hard bread. Few natural ingredients such as flour, water, salt, mother yeast and cooking in a wood oven, make frize a real treat for the palate.

The frize are a product of the Apulian peasant tradition with important origins. In fact, according to a legend, the frize were brought to Puglia by Aeneas, hero of Homer's Aeneid, when he landed in the current Porto Badisco (seaside resort in the Salento Adriatico, located south of Otranto).

Tradition has it that they are eaten, especially in the summer, soaked in cold water and seasoned with tomato, wild rocket, salt and olive oil. Other ingredients can be added to enrich the frisa: chilli, tuna, grilled aubergines, roasted peppers and all the delicacies that the land of Puglia offers in every season.


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