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Shipping fee for Italy

All our shipments are handled with express services, both in Italy and abroad, generally the delivery is made the day after the shipment in Italy and after two / three days for Europe.

We define it "shipping contribution" because the cost you paid only partially covers the shipping costs, which we try to divide by calculating all the costs around this service. The cost varies according to the weight:

  • from 0 kg to 10 kg cost € 9.90

  • from 10 kg to 21 kg cost € 11.90

  • from 21 kg to 50 kg cost € 16.90

* ATTENTION, in some periods, additional supplements can be added to the shipping costs, in particular the COVID supplement that couriers charge us;

* CASH ON DELIVERY: € 6 (this type of payment is not available for some product categories, in particular DAIRY PRODUCTS and terracotta objects).

* THE SHIPPING WILL BE WITHIN 24/48 HOURS FROM THE ORDER, subject to the availability of the product!

During the finalization phase of the purchase it is possible to choose the insertion of the products in a gift box, which in turn will be inserted in a packaging box.

Shipping abroad by courier 3/4 days


Here we list the various prices for abroad, we are not able to enter all the bands for reasons of space, taking into account that the bands are starting from 5kg and for 5kg, to be 100% sure of the costs we advise you to register, enter your address and you will find the exact cost in the cart.

  • France, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg starting from € 25 on 5kg bands

  • United Kingdom, from € 25

  • Switzerland from 34 € up to 5 kg

  • USA & Canada from 80 € up to 5kg

* some couriers, especially for abroad, add a "covid supplement" of around € 2

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Frequently requested by our customers, this service is essential for many occasions. For all our services, you can always count on us: we will satisfy your every need. We pride ourselves on our customer service and rest assured that you will be satisfied with the work with our team. Contact us now and we will provide you with all the necessary assistance.

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